Little Joseph Alois was born on 16th April 1927 in the bedroom of the Ratzinger family. The upper floor of the former customs house at Marktplatz, the Market Square, now house number 11, served as the local police station and official police accomodation.
The so-called customs house was rebuilt in 1701 after the market fire and until 1765 served as the electoral customs house and accomodation for court officials. It was then sold and came into the possession of Lorenz Lankensberger, waggoner by profession.
For hundreds of years before 1701 the property was referred to as Pointnerlehen. It belonged to the counts of Burg Leonberg and was obliged to pay them feudal tribute.

• 1745 Seidl, Matthias Anton, clerk of the court
• 1747 Wendenschlegl, Bernhard, clerk of the court
• 1750 Rieder, Adam, innkeeper and keeper of post-horses
• 1760 Electoral customs house Marktl

House owned by the waggoner family Lankensberger and their heirs
• 1769 Lankensberger, Lorenz
• 1789 Weinberger, Franz
• 1830 Lankensberger, Therese
• 1834 Eberlin, Max
• 1856 Narnhammer, Wolfgang
• 1886 Narnhammer, Josef sen.
• 1908 Narnhammer, Josef jun.
• 1952 Narnhammer, Maria
• 1998 Schöneck, Paul

• 1999 Dandl, Claudia

• 2006 acquired by the Pope Benedict Birthplace Trust