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There is an excellent small exhibition shop in the house. It caters to your wish to take something home with you from the birthplace of Pope Benedict.

Here you will find the most important books on the life of the Pope, above all his autobiography Aus meinem Leben (published in English as Milestones:Memoirs 1927-1977).
You will discover the significant theological works of the Pope, naturally his standard work Einführung in das Christentum (published in English as Introduction to Christianity) or the newly-published book on Jesus.

Spiritual writings by the Pope appropriate to the Church year are available. In addition to books there are postcards (views of the house and the rooms, art cards with relevance to the exhibition) on sale exclusively in the shop.

There is also a children´s corner where, for example, you will find a small book in which the Pope answers questions from children taking their First Communion.

You can also purchase additional items suitable as gifts such as simple glass crucifixes.